multigrain poori

This is the best alternate of eating healthy and fried You can pack n go with these poori they can be store 2-3 days and for a week or 2 in fridge .the chili /lemon pickle goes well with it and a super cp of tea make it complete .
2 cups Chickpea
3tbs rice flour
1 tbs Wheat
1 tbsp urd dal
3tbs Jawar flour
1tsp cumin seed
Dry Methi leaves
1 tsp Coriander pwder
Green Chilli coriander paste
Carom seeds
oil for frying
Make  a dough (like poori )make a required size balls ( it is good to make little thick)
Warm the oil take a zip lock and place the dough ball in between press it wing a flat bottom plate 
warm the oil med to high and place the flat poori in it and u r set .
Use chutney,lemon chili pickle
Omit anything you do not wish to  have.


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