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What should we pack when travelling abroad

We live in world of globalization we get everything every where ..Think 10 times about the  before packing. Technology has given us the best use to it and we can just sort out the tings to declutter and avoid unnecessary expenditure. What should we pack
check the weight you are suppose to carryIt is the opportunity to declutter ur house Make three piles of  must haves ,donate, sale Google the price of stuff u need to carry to match if getting for same price then sort the things to left or sale avoid Check the things you cannnot take 
Imporatant documents medicines
Passbook  food for a week jewelry
Kitchen Cooker
Rolling pin (check if wood is allowed or not )
Non stick pans are good abroad if looking for change
cutlery   dinner set pan Mixer (check for electricity conversion)I don't prefer.
food specific makers (,dosa tava,Idli maker,gujia maker) hotcases or special storages
bedcovers Super colourful bedsheets light weight
Blankets covers ans cusion covers
Funky curtain

Electric …

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