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Development Milestones for kids

Movements -
3 mths - plled to sit
4-5 mths - roll frm front to back ,acqire head control
6-8 mths - sit supportedly ,roll over
9-11 mths - pulls to standing before falling down , learn to crawl
11 mths sit and stand holding furniture
11-12 mths stand without support
11-18 mths - walks unaided
12-15 mths - crawl upstairs
14 mths - learn to walk backward
18 mths - climb chairs
2 yrs - able to run
3-4 yrs - goes up down
4-5 yrs - able to skippping cycling without wheels
one should promote the child to walk jump and learn
Mirror fun (1 mths),tummy time (1 mth), bouncy bouncy (5 mths)
babies start to roll over in 3 mths so take care like that
get rolling (2 and half mth), rolypoly (6 mth)sitting play (arnd 6 mths ), sitting together (9 mths ), in the big bath (6 mths )
Babies learn to place frequently on there back this help them in head movement but at the same time this position is good while baby is not sleeping
Do you need to worry ?
Sometimes yes and most of the time trust you…

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