That day was the day .thanks to friends I really had fun time.I remember the time when we live in the army area when I was kid. I had sweet memories of that time .My childhood was spend in an army area I m so fond of that camping environment.out of the schedule life of city good to go on some nice place.Even a simple place seems good to me. Definitely a neat n nice toilet are benefit.I feel everyone should try once.In a group its fun.

Booking Camp Site
It is online (In US).Book a group site or a pre reserved site .Few are paid and few are unpaid. Make a group .Weather details are important.Also read the guidelines of the campsite.

What we need for basic camping ...
Camping tent
Bed or air bed
Camping chairs
Camping gas (propane or charcoal as per ground)
Mosquito repelled
bug ointment
Food cooked/uncooked
Toilet roll(provided but still may be needed)
Paper towel
Camping lantern
Water sheet to protect from rain


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