Beauty is everywhere only the feel changes .......... Beautyometer

What a word ..!! every person want to hear it forever again n again on everything they had ..
To go through the depth of it ....the meaning  of it varies from person to person ....

  • For a baby mother is the beauty
  • For a Old man his family and its place is beauty 
  • For a young person a girl /boy and his /her passion is beauty 

I felt beauty a lot of times in my life ...few of them are memorable and cherishing forever --like 

  • My marriage day I was the most beautiful person 
  • The day my son was born..
  • When I met with good person
  • Compliments in front of many friends by hubby
  • My son love what I cook give me a hug 
  • When I wore a dress and get compliments :)
  • When my parents says I am a good daughter ..
  • When my bro and sis write few notes of appreciation
  • These all fill me with beauty with felicity to the core of my heart 

Also others can see and feel beauty  ....everybody can feel it (feel the goose flesh)I do believe smile makes person beautiful as well as happy ..perfect infectious beauty one can feel everyone near is smiling 

  • Incapable father  with  there child 
  • Recovery after illness
  • Helping hand in need
  • Hug after fight 
  • Smile after cry 
  • Salary day 
  • Job day 
  • Marriage 
  • Baby birth 
  • Getting good discounts 
  • Sharp Features 
  • Way of Behaving (getting a nice person soothing words on bad day )
  • Getting something in-expecting but wanting..
  • Blush in love (truly natural)
  • Passionate love
  • Respecting relationships

Natural beauty utmost and important comparative truth 

  • Walking on the trails ..we can do it 
  • Sitting on beach ...Always think about Life and its length 
  • Watching mountains from the balcony
  • Driving in rain ..Maggi coffee  /Chai Pakora  and friends 

I Know what beauty it I love to use this word always in life  is directly proportionality to happiness smile ..Every stage of the life the definition of beauty changes and give a new meaning .....Cherish the beauty of all the stages and enjoy thats whats a beauty of life expect us to do..........Real beauty lies in the desperation and passion balance in the person ..May be a Beautyometer :D.....I must have it ..
Beauty is everywhere only the feel changes ..........


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