Staying away from birth roots/foreign dilemma

It really do not matter where you are living it true ..? no, I am sure not for the house wives staying away from there country of birth need to have problems initially, once you are use to for it.. then life gets much easier also the, visa and job are the most important problems that everyone face ..aloofness and the boast up the foreign country is so much that you get pissed off at times ...above all we are not able to share to with anyone ....not to the parents and in-laws there neither to the DH who listen only and do not wish to react or the other time we feel like losing confidence and feel left out ............

  • I know we all are brought up in the environment where you can work and manage everything everywhere but all things need time and attention to be taken care ...
  • These problem get worst when we are working in  our country and at foreign place we are not able to work ...due to country issues ...24 hours seems to be more then a year... specially when DH is so busy and we are just doing nothing packing lunch, making dinner, cleaning, laundry, grocery, malls and library ... that's it!!  ...........
  • To those who directly come to foreign country after marriage things are more difficult to handle then, those who spend few years of marriage in home country ...they are use to for all things and initial challenging years of marriage to pass by ..
  • Everyone go throw this phase  ... then the phases come every month where the aloofness, irritation comes in to the greater extent ...we get clam after 2-3 days then it comes in years and later use to it or become a part of life ..
But what ....fights are almost same in every household ...even the wordings ..I make some interesting correaltion between each one and henceforth we all are same--- I concluded 

  • Am I meant for this ?
  • My DH is not caring as the other one here .?
  • My in-laws can come here and stay with me ..?
  • I want to go back 
  • I am so talented and everything is wasted here 
  • I am topper of my college .........
  • I had a group of loving caring friends back home ..
  • I will work ..
  • Let me do some course ..
  • Buying anything and everything  then want to change ..

I find  some answer that make me little satisfied and read this post make me calm ...

  • I am married I have a good husband.. all are doing fine back home 
  • We are here to make our future better and brighter 
  • This is the first time in life I have so much of time ..let me do things which I always want to do ...I end up learning crochet and cooking many veggies which I have not seen before with the flavor we like , I open blog :), learning guitar :P..much more to go ...
  • I know my mom told me to do household chores she was so perfect let me discover some of my secrets of doing good cleaning, cooking, shopping, taking care of my babies, parties  .
  • I am lucky to see so different places from the world ....let me learn good things the people have here and try to live happily ......
  • Treasure your culture .....
  • Know about the food and lifestyle and means to it 
  • Be broad to accept all people of the world without thinking bad for own country people and culture 
  • Leave clutter and filter the good thought in your mind and enjoy the life ....
  • You will be tensed and irritated at times near your mensuration but that the key you have tell your DH to hold you back and keep doing things that make you feel good and enjoy ..
Best wishes !!
Do share your experience and clam others :)


  1. perfect explanation for housewives in foreign country.u r great...

  2. Hey Ritu

    Kya sahi baat kahi yaar apne. Perfection to the letter N :). Instead of looking at grass which is always greener on the other side, need to be happy with what we are blessed at this point of life!


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