Need a break

There are few particular season when nothing can make us happy while we study it was exam time..... now it because of more time or less time .....but as life means to move on with a pace and accept it the way it is .......may be sound like a battle ground  or  Personally  have tough time near march and April  boring annoying sleepy drowsy and cranky .To overcome it I avoid shopping as whatever I buy I do not like it too much ..(Sounds stupid but true)..I prefer to talk less with person as I go more straightforward...........(oops!!) specially who are negative in saying....I try to build my confidence more
  • Wear heels
  • Dress good  and confident
  • Relax most of  the time
  • Change the schedule of working which you do by yourself
  • Go out for walk
  • Do something for you only
  • Put make
  • Watch good videos (Films,food,makeup,Good Biographies,Dance )
  • Cook and serve in style
  • Change the house Decor
  • Gardening 
  • Routine change 
  • Meditation and light exercise 
  • Good books 
  • Big change in home decor and shuffle closet .
  • Good Favorite  and various music  .
  • Quality time 
This happens to everyone one or the other part of year with or without reason ...why to get into the reason ..just try to find a reason to get over it ....Life is like this 

Enjoy !!


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