North (water)          Aquarium,Fountain,
South- west (Earth) Moti mala (Perals), picture of mountains
Middle                    Crystal
North -west-           Globe
East/S-E(Wood)     Green plant ,Creeper
South(Fire )-           Red Bulb,Red Prymid

Lucky Colours in Rooms
Master bedroom-      Blue,pink Light green
Drawing room -         White ,Brown,Pink,Cream
Kitchen-                    White
Study room-              Pink,Blue,Light green
Toilet-                       White,pink
Bussines room -         Yellow ,green
Flooror celing  -         Avoid Black
Number of gates -      4 ,6 ,7,8 or 18
Bamboo Wind chime -  for property n family - Diretion East or south east
Metallic wind chime-for child n bussiness .Directions  N-W/S-W/N


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