ILL member and you

The ill person in the house make a homemaker worried and stressed out .Taking extra care  of food medicine pamper and bear the frustration and irritation is tiresome .

If illness is for some time
  • Light and easy digestible food is good Which gives more energy 
  • Hydration is also the important thing .
  • The person need to relax and have a no noise ,and dim or no light  
  • Lots of love and care pamper and soothe them with the words .
  • Prevent other from infection by keeping clothes food utensils separate 
  • Hygiene and other precautions must be taken well.

If serious Illness is part of the family

  • Diet regulation ,nutrition and harmful food should always have a chart in the kitchen so handy for all .
  • Medicine schedule must be known 
  • No one should show the irritation and frustration in front of the person 
  • Try to boost the confidence 
  • Avoid pity 
  • Make the atmosphere healthy and happy .
  • Do the family activity 
  • Surprise party and gift always works 
  • Outings (movies/shopping /) and picnic must be a part fun 
  • Try to make the ill person independent as possible
  • Cleaning and hygiene must be best 
  • Routine and regular activity  must not be done as burden 
  • Acceptance is the best way to adapt to the situation happily 
  • Being sad and crying and irritating on the person will make the situation worst 
  • Read good books and better friends 
  • An illness must not be the reason state of relationship .

Old Person

  • Regular check up and emergency number must be there 
  • Diet Hygiene happiness family is definitely a part at that stage .
  • Whatever minor or major health issues must be known to every member of the family  .
  • Give them love a lot  of love with a quality time 
  • Make them independent 
  • Learn from there experience .
  • Listen to there repeated stories without telling anything


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