Microwave Recipes

Every microwave is different .and works according to the power in watts .Also this power is directly related  to the cooking time,Time can be set in min,sec .
Where you can use the microwave ?
warm oil(30 sec )
 Put cumin seeds ,salt ,,bay leaves,cardamom, (1 min)
 Add veggies,rice water(little more then the quantity of rice)  
Microwave for 10 min (give a pause of sec after every 2 min )

Boil Potato
Wet the kitchen towel .wrap Potato in it .
If potato are big then slice them .
Microwave for 4-8 min (give a pause of sec after every 2 min )

Put Saffron in Water boil for a min
Add milk boil for 6 min coverd lid (give a pause of sec after every 2 min )
Add cooked rice or sewaiyan or vermicillie(roasted)
Add dry fruits/condensed milk(for additional flavours)
Microwave finally for 3 min.

Dry Veggies
Warm oil (1/2 min)
Add cumin seeds ,red chiili,turmeric,salt,(1 min microwave)
Boil then separately for  4 min veggies like boiled potato/pea/carrot/corn/brinjal/cabbage/cauliflower etc.
Miix then with spice and microwave for 2 min

Veggie curry
Warm oil 1/2 min
Add cumin seed Microwave 1/2 min
Add chopped onion,green chilli,Garlic,ginger .microwave for 2 min
Add tomato microwave for 1 min
Add water and veggie like boiled potato/nutrela/bottle gaurd(lauki)/Torai/brinjal/pea ...2 min

Classic 1000 Microwave Recipes [CLASSIC 1000 MICROWAVE REC]


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