Misery of relationship

What is marriage ?
The social,legal,ritual, intimate  relation between two people in front of families n relatives blessing the  couple to have a good time forever .

What is a stand of women ?
She is suppose to take care for everything about her husband n his family.Everything is  a wide word and bears the main ingredient and variation individually .She is suppose to do household (cleaning,cooking, organizing, listing ,reminding things,calling ppl,socially active,teaching kids,bills ,work etc) chores (this should have been set because men go out to work but now should be changed as both r working),produce kids(men should pamper her and take care  ),care the old in laws(problem arises when anyone goes  negative, blame ,comparative, unsatisfied and non compromising), 

What is the stand of man?
They are suppose to go out and work earn money and fulfill the house needs. Take care of  family and parents.All decisions pass through him(because all are based on money now women earns too so decision are mutual) He share in such a way that everyone can enjoy and agree(happily) to the decision rather than unsaid disagree.(if they do disagree they should share healthy tip). 

How the relation grow ?
Love care respect for each other .Gifts or flowers is just added thing not that much needed. Respect should be there forever.No one is perfect... the over expectation and under exception both are not good.Sharing and helping each other to cope out of  complexes ,frustrations,dreams,kids,growth, organizing ,loving and likes and dislikes.True to each other is the most important thing .Open your heart and understands the  nature .

What is fulfilling marriage?
 Only n only team building no matter no way how to do it ? Done by the couple no one can help them.This team build sweet memories,co ordination n beautiful decent kids.

How the relation worsen?
When the vent out is not correct.No communication. If you feel spouse is blame your in laws then does not mean he/she love you that is a part of nature to blame and claim everything .Whatever you fight on day one will be same till you take the last breath. Accept it and ignore it .Space of everyone is gone .Listening and talking ignoring and accepting all go together ...

How things reach divorce?
When the effort are not in the right direction.When there is third person.When nothing works .No one want to ignore and let go or one is so dominant to neutralize the effect of other 

Case 1  She has been grown in a family where her father order is like has to be followed . She want to speak to her father about it but she can't .She has those memories and an image of a husband.
             CASE  1A She got married to a family where she has a space to speak and she come up really good                 good  things changed and she said marriage is beautiful 

             CASE 1B she got married, her husband  is like her father..  she saw it she do not want to come out if it .She think marriage is like that .It happen to her mother and now her but she try to grow her daughter in different .
             Case 1C She got married to a husband who made her feel special and do everything she want  marriage is again beautiful for her .

Case 2 Her father and mother take decision and talk in eyes both are working so things are mutual .
          Case 2A She got married to a husband who is simply believe in male rule home .She is not working and find it difficult to ask for money.Difficult to adjust
          Case 2B She got married to husband and she is working her husband take care of her money too.and take decision as he want but pretend to be asking  ...She feel happy..

CAse 3  She has seen her parents have abusive relationship
  Case 3 A All her life trust and feel good thing will be tough Extreme love and care can heal everything .

Finally I know what it looks in first glance is never the case, to know the mystery of successful marriage only and only couple has to work .no body bothers how happy you are but they love to hear the how much sad you could be ...It is relation of two by the two and for the two ...

Keep smiling N trusting marriage

Note : "Case" is the word I use I know whoso ever is a part of it is not easy I hope I always hear marriages are beautiful for everyone.


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