Detached from roots

Leaving the place where  lived since childhood to stay away from the roots
but where are the roots  for  girl ? now ,I do not think even boys have roots as well in search of job they have to move out of city/ country n much more .Also the connectivity with everyone is very easy if anyone want to be in touch social media and world of globalization has made things easier .

Distance only matters when there is distance in hearts the reason of being upset with distance means you have more distance by heart and less trust on a relation.The person who really want to do ..will do it no matter where that person is and those who do not want to so will not do it .

Enjoy where you go ..I moved from village to a city then to capital finally to  the Hollywood capital n dream city .I enjoyed every bit of it each phase I have no regrets I enjoyed everything. But still do not find roots I know my birth place I am attached to it but it's not when I left I was crying may be because I know my parents are here I  can come.Also,looking new places new people new things will broaden the perspective of every person.learn new place, new people, new work and place to explore and enjoy .

was questioned that so difficult to stay away  from roots?
I enjoyed the places where I stay do not mean I do not love my family  but this is a important part of my nature to be happy wherever I am and in whatever situations I am .Jiyo life bindas

Love ...


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