Plan your Packing

One of the most Challenging task .It should not be more neither less.I know the male think we get everything there but women think better to pack to avoid the hassle .Also crossing the country border you should be aware of the food restriction of that country.void to panic.No matter you lose your luggage ,kids are not well ,nothing goes as per your plan but trust me staying strong from outside will keep your family chilled and enjoy the vacation.

  • Ready with tickets,passport etc 
  • Phone book(no matter you have phone)
  • Local contacts
  • Camera with extra batteries
  • Special Memory for kids
  • Avoid shopping unwanted things.
  • Google about the place and mark the places to visit
  • Clothes as per weather plus 2 pairs for adults and 5 pairs for kids 
  • Diaper/cream/lotion/soap/
  • Medicine (cough,cold,pain,fever,stomach upset,kids medicine,volini ,bandage)
  • Shoes,socks,slippers
  • Under garments/towel/napkins
  • Kids food should be carried always
  • Swimming costume/umbrella/sun protection/raincoat etc
  • Pair jeans with different toppers 
Have fun Happy Holidays!!


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