Miracle happen ...

My close encounter with the smell person really bring out the patience in me .When I was travelling and my neighboring seat have all kind of possible smell .Stomach upset,sweat,messy socks n shoe....plus a much more spicy food make a blast in the AC compartment.There are people who are making him uncomfortable and fun I feel bad too... this person was looking out of the window all the time in the dark . there was a lady who offer him a medicine but he refuse and give rude look... . Just unbearable and want to get out from the he refuse n give a weird look . I do not know what I will do that in this situation but being cutoff might not be the solution
..I was so sad why I have ticket in AC.I have no solution and do not know how to get away from there n how to spend the whole night .Already my nightmare begin
Miracle happen in the an old person came to exchange the seat I said yes ....just can't believe my luck that day in a different compartment ..I was overjoyed.I can hear some murmuring "lucky you".My exchange seat was good but I feel that seat as heaven...



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