How to plan a vacation..

Planning is always good, it makes the work done and keep less puzzles ahead .To leave the house and stay even for a day or for sometime need planning ..specially when one person is the care taker of everything and let the other things go with peace Kids hubby job and lot more ... Whether it is one day or one week we have to plan things accordingly .Plan a trip as if you are not going to visit it other time.
I have seen many families who plan the trip very nicely and cover the maximum things .But there are also the people who just leave the place with the hope will cover next time but it is not possible so everything must be planned and known to every one so that the visiting place or people must be prepared .
Basic things to decide while travelling out 
Place to visit   Which plave should be seen take the opinion of  family person.These days websites are there for almost all the places .Most of the reservation can be done online .You can find the reviews of the places .It will be great to surf the place well and season to visit it . Always choose maximum attraction of the place at time syou can cover all or may be you cover less get ready for both
Best time to visit the place Is the time chose for vacation suit you and your family .also to the place.
Comfort zone of the co travelers if you have kids then it is important there time must be used properly they must enjoy the place else you miss the great fun of yours too.Make yourself ready for best and worst despite of mood to make trip fruitful.
Expense and budget  The Place you choose will tight the budget  then for sure you have to plan some other time .
Booking and availability Booking reservation must be available to enjoy the place fullest .Also make a backup plan in case you missed the reservation or anything .
Worthiness of trip  The trip chosen must not be based on the other people go there but you should choose as need and choice of the people accompanied .Travelling with kids is good or not.

Question to be asked 
Is the trip worth ?
Is every one ready and excited for trip ?
Are you ready for that much expense ?
You can pack and  book every possible place you and family people want to go ?
If you are going with the other person can you adjust with them ?
Are the places you visit must be enjoyed by everyone ?

If the answer of all the question must be yes then go ahead and pack ..else do more things make trip better..


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