Painting /Drawing/Sketching

This is something which we are used to do since birth likely or unlikely .Sometimes we draw simle things and it become passion and we start it as a hobby and improvise in the direction of doing good this all impresses me a lot .Whenever we saw good painting or good sketch or good colour use we love to appreciae that person.
I have seen person who are not good in drawing but they are good in colouring.Also at times when some person teach kids they know how good they are in giving ideas .Its never too late for such hobbies .
When you are upset ,take a paper and pencil and eraser just draw something .You find after sometime your feel better.If you do it 3-4 times then just google about pencil paper sketches and SKY is the LIMIT.
Keep you full of life and entertaining.
Pencil ,paper eraser,sharper plain sheet
Start it like -drawing lines cureves then tones(shading),pencil its types and variation, looking for basic shapes in all the complex objects.start with the simple drawing.


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