Hello friends
yes, I am back after a long break .The break was due to  country move ,toddler  etc ..
Happy to be back try to be regular now .I learn a lot and pile up ideas just want to come out and make whole blog overfill with ideas .My typing goes nuts{ please ignore my mistakes} .My kids are big fan of donuts they make me nuts without donuts .I try to work and make out recipe from Gyathri and other recipes from youtube .

1 cup  All purpose flour
1 cup  wheat 
1 tsp flax seed 
2 tbsp Curd 
1 tsp yeast(soak active yeast with salt n water)
1/4 cup sugar (adjust to taste)


 Oil for frying /bake 


Mix all the ingredient and make a soft dough .
apply oil and keep the dough aside for 2 hrs 
Roll the dough into and cut with cutter or glass or any sharp object thing 
keep it aside for 1 hr 
Fry in oil 
Glaze with sugar powdered n melted chocolate 
make different permutation combinations as per ur need 

Glaze when they r hot .
mix the flour as the need of child all taste good my kids love all form :)

love ritu


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