Types of Beans

OMG !! We know beans are legumes rich in protein good for health.These are the different type of beans I have come across .In grocery store when I see so may beans  hesitate to try something new. I always catch up with the stuff my mom prefer to use ...but this time I broke the path and Google the stuff and to remember and help other I create a blog post .What to do with so  many beans around .
To make beans  - Soak them for at least 6 hrs .boil them in pressure cooker saves gas/electricity and time.
Uses They all are used widely in Soups,stew salads,wraps and serve as a main course with rice,other side dishes too.Also in dips

Adzuki(Field Pea or red oriental peas)  Used in Japanese and Chinese cuisine .

Anasazi beans() Realcement for pinto beans

Black beans (turtle beans) American cuisine

Black eye peas(Cow beans) Alternate in Mexican dishes.Also used in rajasthani(Chaulai) dish in India

Garbenzo(Chick peas/Chola) Fiberous rich in iron and fiber.Most widely used Beans.

Kidney beans(traditional rajma) Nutritious and healthy

Navy Beans
Pinto beans(brown Rajma ) Heart of Mexican dishes

Great Northern beans
Moong Beans  Rich source of protein .Can be


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