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I have given many recipes for all bachelors but I know... if your are living alone... you need quick tasty self filling recipes and easy to read  too ..I have the brother sisters and friends who stay alone and always complain about food .....I am lucky enough to stay with my mom ...:) but the suddenly after marriage I was all alone to handle everything .....and guess to my surprise I cooked and try to learn many things .......

To cook.. you need to have a little zest and enthusiasm ....
Develop a feel to cook with love for pans and veggies and uncooked food stuff 

Quick meals 
Salads  -- Cabbage, Cauliflower, Leek, Spinach, tomato, cucumber, salad leaves, olives + ranch/Italian seasoning/peanuts /raisins/nuts/soya bean chunks/tofu 
Boiled Rice- Microwave it for 12 min with veggies and basil salt or  Italian seasoning/ stir fried veggies /lentil/cracked Wheat/
Curd - adding different flavor / season it /veggies/fruits /nuts 
Pan cakes -salt and pepper + veggies(cut onions,frozen peas, corns,green chili,chopped cilantro) +semolina or Rice flour or gram flour or wheat flour  or  soaked oats 
heat pan add little butter and put the batter on it let it cook and enjoy with sauce or chutney 
Salsa - A good bulk made thing go well with all rice, pasta,tortilla, nan 
6-7 big tomato chopped 6-7 green chili chopped,1' pcs ginger grated,grated 7-8  garlic,2-3 chopped Onion, pepper,red chili,salt, basil,thyme,oregano,pinch sugar 
saute onion, garlic, ginger,add tomato add spices ..let it cook for 15 min on low flame ..can keep refrigerated for 3-4 days ..and freeze for a month ....
Salsa can also be used as a curry and any veggies can be added till cooked completely ....
Dessert - Cook milk with saffron on stove top or in microwave ...add coconut /boiled rice /sevai/vermicelli 
Kheer pressure cooker add milk sugar and rice cook for 2 vissel garnish with nuts food is ready 
Peda - Microwave the ricotta cheese and till you can make balls and add sugar and 
Bread --- Cook bread with cheese onion and green chili  topping or anything you like ....
Filling - the best way to fill your stomach with your favorite food item.. salt+pepper+ red chili +any spice you like + green chili + onions + cilantro + boiled mashed Potato/ peas and corn/ carrots /peanuts+raisins
Warps--  take a salsa + cheese+any filling bake for 10 min both the sides enjoy 
Indian curry - take a salsa add a tsp of olive oil and saute it add the veggie you wish to cook in cooker(5 min) or in microwave(10 min) or stove top(20 min) ....
Paneer curries - Adding peanut and sesame seed OR milk  OR cream with salsa and paneer and tofu 
5 minutes in microwave your curry is ready to be served ..........

So friends compete food is ready in 30 min any time .....


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