Insecurities are Default

We have some  insecurities in life in all the stages of life but the level and approach to come out of it differ.
When we are child we are insecure and we are showing our insecurities ,then one day we grew up  and not suppose to show our insecurities .Then we ended up with aloofness,complexes,shouting,aggressiveness.

Main Insecurities of teens 
  • I do not have a boy friend 
  • I have boy friend .but he do not love me or vice versa
  • My parents do not trust me 
  • My parents do not have enough money for me 
  • My friend will leave me one day 
  • My friends are jealous of me 
  • I want to fall in love
  • Conscious for looks and style 
Main Insecurities of marriage

  • My partner  love me like the same 
  •  My partner is not satisfied with my food /activity/ habbits
  • Partner think about thy parents only
  • Do not give value to my decision
  • Can I handle the baby  ?
  • Am i be good mom ?
  • My in laws must be happy and satisfied with me .
  • My Mil will give my jewelry back or not .....
Hence , we can say insecurities are always there only  thing that we need is to come out of it with confidence and self esteem without much drama and panic scene .


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